What is Polyamory?

What exactly is "polyamory" and what is all the fuss about it?

The definition of and history of Polyamory: "Polyamory" is a recently coined word that was derived by combining the Greek word "poly" meaning many, and the Latin word "amor" meaning love. Polyamory is intended to mean many loves. The exact definition of polyamory is not so clear, but when the word is used, the intent is generally meant to imply the state in which an individual can love more than one person romantically and simultaneously

Polyamory and polyfidelity are the newest forms of family relationships to gain attention in the media.

Polyamory has been around in some form or another for thousands of years.

Like polyamory, Polygamy too has been practiced for thousands of years. In Islam, it is permitted to have up to four wives. However only the male may have multiple partners.

In Judaism, the bible and history both indicate that King david had eight wives.

Mormons as well practiced polygamy until the church officially renounced its practice.

Polyandry, where women have multiple male partners is practiced by the Mosuos in china where matriarchy and polyandry is the normal structure. Polyandry is also the norm in Tibet, as well as India, Sri Lanka and other countries.

Polyamory is a recently created term, but with polyamory a male or a female may have as many partners of either gender as they choose to have. Polyamory for this reason is probably a proper word for a category under which polygamy, polyandry, polyfidelity etc. fall under

In most relationships taking place in the western world, there is the practice of monogamy, where two partners marry, and stay together for life.

Unfortunately the reality is that many monogamist relationships fail, resulting in divorce and the children of that divorce being exposed to new people.

These new people usually take the form of a new step father, a new step mother, and new siblings from both the existing step parent(s) and/or from the child's existing parents having children with their new partners.

In polyamory, couples can decide to open up their relationship to one or more individuals of any gender.

This can be for the purpose of experiencing another relationship without having to worry about giving up the existing one, adding to an existing family, saving an already failing marriage, or to take in another person or family that can enhance or help with the existing family community, as in a tribe.

Polyamory and polyfidelity, are not considered cheating, all parties involved know about any new person coming into the situation and are aware of any potential future partners.

When children are involved this allows the existing parents to agree together and in advance on who is or is not around the children, and the children see a consistent family around them.

Polyamory is growing everyday, and is an interesting family structure for those who can make it work in a positive manner. Check out www.beyondtwo.com for polyamory dating and poly dating.

What is polyamory? Article update 12-21-2013