Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind it really doesn't matter. So, I feel "coffee and" is essential. I'm fit as 40 and my mind is sharp. I'm looking for people who are open minded about age as well as everything else they PROFESS to be "open minded" about on these sites. Old dudes last longer! What say you?
Age has never bother me
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I tend to go for people less than 10 years older than me.
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I love older people....they tend to BS less, and don't take things for granted as much.
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Age is irrelevant. It's about attitude and feeling young!
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Age is irrelevant if they are not mentally equal, maturity is essential in a poly relationship.
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I'm usually more attracted by younger people, but there are many exceptions.
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I'm sapiosexual - much more interested in connecting emotionally, spiritually and intellectually than how old someone is.
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I generally prefer younger, but I could go either way.
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Age is not important but health and wellness do have an impact on relationships of all kinds.
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It's all about the attraction for me; a combination of being attracted to their personality and their physical features. It's completely possible that someone who is older would be able to check off both those categories for me.
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Older or younger doesn't bother me, but I've never felt attraction beyond a 3 year age gap.
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Would you mind to be a second wife.
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I have never been with young females. my ex is four years older than myself. but with saying that. i am now with a young lady that is only 29 and i am 52. we met at about 9 am at a friends house and when i ooked up it was 4 am the next morning. by the way we still together and she first turned me on to this lifestyle. so no it dont matter to me. but it does to most the rest of the world. but i am happy and so is she. we are now looking to add a sister/wife.
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Hell, we are 55, 53 and 35. So, I'm guessing it's more about the mind than the age.
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I’m 25, my husband is 54.... I’ve hung out with an older friend of mine, and what she doesn’t know is all the things I was fantasizing doing with her... She’s also in her 50s
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