Do you think that a polyamorous relationship and an open relationship are the same thing? If not, how do you describe the distinction?
No, they are not the same. Open relationships are often just about fun with sex, spicing up a marriage, etc. While polyamory is about dedicated loving relationships that are more often committed and even fidelitous in many cases.
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Polyamory comes in many different forms, and an open relationship is one of those forms. There are also different types of open relationships, some of which incude very loving and committed relationships.
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Since there are closed poly relationships the terms are certainly not the same thing.
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Sometimes one partner is more open and the other is more poly. So I'm in an poly/open relationship.
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i like other girls he's cool with that
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That was beautifully put, well expressed, and on point. Polyamory is about love, not a one time deal, or trying to hurt one another.
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