What are the one thing that'll put you, your partner or both of you off of someone you can see yourself being in a poly relationship with?
All the above really
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71 votes
Trying to control me
30 votes
Poor health/hygiene
19 votes
Being overly sensitive or narcissistic
10 votes
There is a list
6 votes
It would have to be not being 100.... there are a lot of people that say it but i have found very few that live it. me and my girl are of th same mind set. if we say we have your back and you can trust us. you can do just that. shes only 29 but has a old school soul. she said when we starting seeing each other she was down to ride. an i have never had her let me down
5 votes
Trying to turn us agaisnt each other
5 votes
Asking for money or passwords after only talking for a day or two
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